How do fats positively affect human body and mind? essay sample

Fat is a controversial part of our diet, but it is essential for our body to conduct proper metabolic processes. Body fat is directly involved in producing and storing energy that keeps our organism functioning day to day. Some fats are antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals. Others cover our vessels and cells membranes protecting cells from damage. These fats come in form of cholesterol that is produced by the liver or obtained from food. Getting enough cholesterol is crucial for maintaining proper functioning of skeletal, cardiovascular, circulatory, and endocrine systems.

write my human health essayHealthy high-density lipoprotein is a good cholesterol as it provides all the benefits of fats. Besides, it reduces the level of an unhealthy low-density lipoprotein that can block our vessels and cause obesity. We can regulate our level of good cholesterol by consuming vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fish. Besides making vessels smooth and elastic, HDL cholesterol stimulates the production of hormones. The endocrine system requires fats to produce estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid hormones that guide many processes in our body.
Cholesterol is an integral part of our brain. About 20 percent of all bodily cholesterol is supplied to the brain where new neural cells and connections form. High blood cholesterol, on the contrary, can block vessels and cause stroke in elderly people. The effect depends on the type of cholesterol and on its quantity.
Good cholesterol is produced from unsaturated fats that occur in the Mediterranean and Japanese diet. The American diet is usually filled with saturated fats that do not produce the bad cholesterol directly but can create the excess of the overall cholesterol that is not good either.

Are there effective ways to prevent cancer? essay sample

Write my cancer tumor essayCancer does not emerge merely as a consequence of inherited genes, fate, or a bad luck. In most cases, cancer is developed over the lifetime, consequently, it can be prevented. The damage done to DNA is really difficult to track, that is why early stages of cancer often come unnoticed. Nevertheless, we are not as helpless in preventing cancer as we always think.
Cancer often comes as a consequence of our everyday habits. Refusing from some destructive practices such as smoking or tanning is the first step in protecting ourselves from the mutations. Cigarettes contain a range of powerful carcinogens that change the metabolic processes in our cells. Alcohol is responsible for several types of cancer as well, and drinking in moderation is as essential as refusing from smoking.
A healthy diet is what we usually lack, but it can help a lot in preventing cancer. Eating fruits and vegetables is not really difficult today, and refusing from processed food is also an achievable goal. Snacks stuffed with synthetic additives can be quite dangerous for those eating them on the daily basis. And of course, street food fried in reused oil is saturated with carcinogens we do not want in our bodies. Refusing from fast food and processed food offers a tangible reward in the long run.
It is always important to monitor one’s health to feel safe. Getting regular medical care, we do not only ensure comfortable living for ourselves but gives a guarantee of a quick recovery in case the illness is detected. Regular screening is especially important to detect cancer at the early stage and cure it quickly.

The most controversial issues of birth control essay sample

Birth control existed a long time before it became legal, and some women referred to it not to become outcasts or not to roll down in poverty. Before the 20th century, it existed mostly in the form of abortions performed by midwives or women experienced in the issue. These practitioners, as well as women who used their services, faced persecution for destroying the public image of a woman and her rights. Midwives who secretly performed abortions in the 1800s insulted physicians who performed the procedure for quite a reasonable pay, and that was how the fight began.
Write my birth control essayBirth control is discouraged by numerous spheres of the present-day American society. The economics comes first. The costs for contraception and abortions provided to low-income people burden the federal budget. It is the primary reason to deny birth control services to those who need it most. Women who are more well-off will access the service anyway, which will strengthen the income of physicians and the government.
Abortions are also constantly present in the political debate, either condemned by the conservative right wing or protected by the feminist. Politicians are not interested in resolving the issue as it provides a broad room for debate with the most inventive or blatantly shocking argumentation.
And of course, the religious impact on birth control is very lasting. Religious groups fight for their influence on the society, and birth control is their constant concern. Unable to discriminate women as much as 200 years ago, the religious community now concentrates on making women guilty for their decision-making power and reasonable thinking. The concept of a fetus as an independent human being with its rights is always mentioned where there is no more argumentation left.

Is multitasking a productive method of work? essay sample

Productivity is the key concern for all office workers and their managers. We constantly want to do more tasks at the same time and take multitasking as a skill of the prior importance in the workplace. If one cannot perform several tasks at a time, they simply do not look fit for many white-collar jobs. But multitasking is not as effective when it comes to measuring a real performance. Write my multitasking method of work essayIt often appears that people who multitask can do the same amount of tasks in a sequence for the same time. In brief, multitasking works not for all of us if for anyone at all.
As an overlap of multiple tasks, multitasking is helpful for a few people. But there are more ways to combine activities that proved to be more effective. One of them is a temptation bundling. It involves combining two activities one of which we enjoy in and the other one that is necessary to do. Working around the house while listening to one’s favorite music is exactly the example of temptation bundling. Such a combination allows doing every task without failing any of them.
Another effective multitasking practice involves the combination of physical and mental activity. For example, walking or exercising is the right time for thinking as the heart pumps blood faster and our brain cells are better provided with oxygen. On the other hand, combining two mental tasks is highly inadvisable as it causes stress and degeneration of brain cells.
For doing multiple cognitive tasks, serial tasking is the best choice. It requires to switch between different tasks every 30-60 minutes and give 100 percent of one’s attention to the task. Regular 10-15 minutes of break for every hour are also essential. Serial tasking allows to concentrate better, do everything we planned, and escape procrastination.

Effective time management for big and small teams essay sample

Time management is an essential matter for workers and their bosses. Managers usually do not have a luxury of too much personal life or family time. Most of their working day is usually devoted to business, but they always want to expand this time even more. They have even greater interest in expanding time for their teams. Organizing oneself is not as hard as organizing an entire team, and managers always insist on workers watching over their performance themselves. But are there any more tips to improve time management in teams?Write my time management essay
First, managers shall search for factors decreasing productivity in their teams. Perhaps their employees are overloaded with tasks, spend their time on matters of the others, or do not communicate efficiently with their colleagues. Some of these tasks can be resolved by hiring more workers or distributing tasks so that people could possibly complete them over the period of time. Setting doable goals is a great motivation; people will perform eagerly if they know they can actually meet the deadlines.
A smart organization is the first thing that will save the time for big and small teams, but self-discipline of every worker is also required. No one but themselves can persuade people to be effective in the workplace and do their job as agreed. Time management is a personal responsibility for each of them, and workers in big teams shall know that managers cannot motivation and performance of each member.